I am creative graphic a web designer based in Tarnów, Poland. You are currently looking at my site, which is my personal bussines card and that's awesome.

Graphic is my huge passion! Essspecialy UI/UX themes. Each of my project is created individually, unconventional and with great attention to detail. I have ambitions to do continuous personal development. My digital experience makes working with programmers a pure formality for him.

I gained experience in KISS Digital, a company from Krakow. Where I was responsible to deliver projects for the best companies in Poland. Currently i have own company Basgram

I'm available for freelance work. If you fancy a chat, drop me a line at k.tomaszek@basgram.pl

I design websites

But before researching and analyzing the topic, then the interactive mockup. And that's all according to the latest trends.

I create visual identity

Because good corporate image is a duty nowadays!

I prepare materials for printing

I distinguish CMYK from RGB, lines bleed, DPI resolution, forms of prints are not foreign to me.

Logo? Sure!

The simpler the better? Usually. Carrying visual communication? Of course. Thoughtful and analyzed? Always.

I am building web and mobile applications

Which are pre-parsed and well thought out.

I paint posters

Going with the spirit of technology and convenience - only in graphical programs.

I play the guitar

Bass is a guitar? Bass is bass! My chosen and beloved instrument. When I am resting on projects, I am playing concerts on different sides of the country.

I work in a team

I can work in a team and under pressure of time. I take care that the project I prepared did not dream of coders at night.

I make good coffee

Because, who is the graphic designer, without coffee?